Classic Leather Collars

Classic Leather Collars


Our leather collar needed to be comfortable for the dog and the handler, while still fulfilling our functional and visual requirements of being durable and appealing to look at.  We think we have achieved the perfect balance of all those attributes.

Most leather collars are made from strapping leather, which makes a great looking collar, but is quite stiff and hard to touch until it softens (strapping leather is the leather used for belts for example!). So we set out looking to create a collar with upholstery leather! The leather we use is a full grain pigmented leather which makes it very durable! Our collars have plush webbing stitched inside the collar also to give the collar that extra pop. It also keeps it plush and comfortable for your Doggo!  With four fantastic colour options we think we have the best leather collars on the market!

All hardware is made from our signature gold brass so that you can trust our products to withstand even the largest forces. 

For sizing see our handy chart below!  Our small collar size is 2cm width, while our Medium, large and Extra Large is 2.5cm width.

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